Compatibility mark for the Book of War mass-combat supplement.

OED Book of War Compatibility Mark

Book of War Compatibility Mark

Many people have asked me if it's okay to use Book of War mechanics in their role-playing publications. Short answer: Yes, please do so! Here's how you can help signal that:

First, it would be nice if you include a line of thanks to "Daniel 'Delta' Collins (www.oedgames.com)", and drop me an email (below) to let me know about it. Second, you can use the Book of War compatibility logo seen here on your product if you think that's helpful (for free, of course). Third, if you want to reference an Open Gaming Licence source, I made a version of the core rules and terms which is OGL (see here).

Keep in mind that none of that is strictly necessary; if it helps you, your players, and your game, then that's the most important thing. But it's extra nice if you do. Spread the word! :-)